Youmacon 2013 – My Favorite Con!

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Oh, to be in the fair city of Detroit this weekend, to experience the silliness that is Youmacon 2013.

The weather is cold. The cosplay is adventurous. The dancing is stupendous. And the lineup of panelist this year is worth every penny.

-Sarah Natochenny – the voice of Ash Ketchum (She at one point, did have them all.)

-Michele Knotz – Voice of nearly every other character in Pokemon.

-Tom Wayland

-David Eddings

-Chuck Huber

-Caitlin Glass & more.


I’m going to level with you folks. I am modestly (read: incredibly) biased toward this con, as it is in my hometown. Ain’t no party like a Detroit party, because a Detroit party will probably give you pneumonia if you don’t properly layer.

As it is, though, I highly recommend it, if you’re someone who likes to shake your booty in the Renaissance Center. If it’s not too late, I recommend getting a room in the either the Renaissance Marriott or the Courtyard Detroit Downtown. Admittedly, super late, but the views of the city are worth every last minute dollar you spend. Plus, they serve as home base for the Con. Do it.

Check out some pics from last year’s con, and tell me you aren’t looking forward to seeing what pops up from this years’s attendees.


Youmacon – Where dreams do get awkwardly realized to heavy, heavy dubstep and house beats. Enjoy!


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