Shirokuma Cafe (Polar Bear’s Cafe) First Look and Trailer

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Spring 2012 brought in an incredible list of new anime.  Many of which, there is only time to read about them when you’re hard at work on your own anime.  However, Shirokuma Cafe (or Polar Bear’s Cafe) is something that has definitely caught my eye. Here’s the plot summary.

“Panda, part of generation cupcake, is prodded by his mother to get a job, but he just wants to eat bamboo. While avoiding his mother’s ire he happens upon a cafe run by Polar Bear, who just so happens to be looking for a part-time employee.”

As seen in the attached trailer, Shirokuma Cafe actually incorporates realistically drawn animals such as polar bears, ant eaters, penguins and many more into a fantasy world where they coexist on the same social level as humans.  The humor in Shirokuma Cafe is largely based around the irony that animals don’t exist in this environment typically and the mishaps that result from such a plot device.  It’s no action anime by any means, but the situational humor could definitely keep me interested. I enjoy a good corny laugh.

That said, I am definitely intrigued by the Shirokuma Cafe world.   Currently, you can view episodes 1-10 on  Of course, if the commercials bother you, consider getting a free trial and going on an anime watching spree!  Memberships at crunchy roll run $6.95 a month.

Be on the lookout for more reviews coming soon, as I plan on throwing a little spare time at this show and figuring out what it’s all about.

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