WATAMOTE Episode 7 – “Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll Enjoy Summer Vacation”

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Since it’s Monday, I guess I’ll post about WATAMOTE:

Summer break has commenced, and well – things aren’t looking very eventful for Tomoko the first couple of days. She needs to do something to fix this, and becomes interested in becoming an internet personality. After getting the great idea to go to an event where she could meet a famous voice actor, she creates her attempt at fame. Catch WATAMOTE every Monday evening at 10:05p PDT on Crunchyroll.

Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East Episode 20 – Chance Encounters

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Episode 20 of Hakkenden just came out today titled, “Chance Encounters”. Looking for his long lost sister, Dosetsu finds himself on a journey to the Imperial Capital. After enlisting Kobunga’s help, things become a bit more complicated — and “goblin-y”…

Hakkenden is always worth the watch, because it’s drawn so beautifully. Quite the visually inspiring show!

Mushibugyo Episode 20 – Dream of the Butterfly

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This show has certainly gained some momentum this season; so much, the fans call it Mushi-Monday. In today’s episode, Hibachi does some soul searching concerning her grandfather when she’s visited by a bug who has mastered illusions. Mushibugyo drops every Monday on Crunchyroll at 3:00a PDT. Check out the trailer:

I love when anime highlights its scenes with cherry blossom trees:

Attack on Titan Episode 19 – Bite – 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls (3)

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We’ve got an exciting episode of Attack on Titan for you to check out today! Eren has a true dillemma on his hands, how will he handle the choice? You can catch new simulcasts of Attack on Titan every Saturday at 4:00p PDT.

Check out screenshots from today’s episode:

Genshiken Second Season Episode 7 – KOIBANA3

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It’s story time for Genshiken’s members, as they all recall their romantic comedies before the festival. You can catch Genshiken every Saturday at 11:30am PDT.

Check out the screenshots:

Day Break Illusion Episode 7 – A Lovely Holiday

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In episode 7, there’s a mysterious disappearance of the “Lovers Card” user. Not certain of the implications, the girls have the day off. You can catch the newest simulcast of Day Break Illusion on Crunchyroll every Saturday at 9:30a PDT.

KINMOZA! Episode 7 – Hungry Karen

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Watch KINMOZA! on Crunchyroll every Saturday at 8:00a PDT. In today’s episode, everybody is noticing Karen’s little munchie problem. Has she gained weight?

Aniplex Releases Trailer For Next Chapter in Monogatari Series Second Season

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Now that the Tsubasa Tiger Chapter has concluded, The folks behind Monogatari Series Second Season have released a trailer showing off the next segment in the show.

YouTube Preview Image

The second chapter, entitled “Mayoi Jiangshi” begins with episode 7 of the series, set to air in Japan on August 17th.

The first six episodes of this show have been rather thrilling and artistic.. Can’t wait to see what Monogatari has planned next!

Get hype.


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