Funimation Releases Brothers Conflict Episode 4

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Episode 4 of Brothers Conflict just dropped over at Funimation’s website and is available for free streaming.

New Senyu Episode 17 Available @ Crunchyroll

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Simulcast for episode 17 of Senyu is up and open for streaming for premium users over at Crunchyroll!

If you haven’t checked Senyu out yet, it will only take you about 45 minutes to get caught up on the entire series. The episodes are only 3:00 minutes long if you don’t count the closing song!

Anime Network Releases August Schedule

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Anime Network announced the August additions for both its online and ondemand libraries today.

Online will see The Garden of Words, AKB0048, Nyan Koi, This Boy Caught a Merman, Mobile Police Patlabor Col. 2, Grave of Fireflies and more. Meanwhile, Video ondemand will see Devil Survivor 2, tsuritama, Ruin Explorers, Letter Bee: Reverse, Shining Hearts, Cuticle Detective Inaba, New Dominion Tank Police and So I Can’t Play H all added to its repertoire.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

The original news release can be seen here.

Ultraman IRL Visit Up for Auction

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As usual, something awesome is happening in Japan. An auction is currently being held on Yahoo! Japan Auction that provides one lucky winner with an IRL visit from the one and only original Ultraman!

I think if I won Ultraman for the day I would ask him to sub in on my indoor soccer team.. Or maybe just take him to the beach to be my wing man.. I don’t know.. What would you guys do? Bidding is currently around 92,000 yen (roughly $924).

These guys had some pretty good ideas:

New Sunday Without God Episode 3 Available @ Crunchyroll

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Simulcast for episode 3 of Sunday Without God is up and open for streaming for premium users over at Crunchyroll!

Sunday Without God has been very original and entertaining thus far, it’s in my top three of the current season for sure. Check it out!

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Popkiller Summer Apparel Lineup

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Popkiller is a Japanese owned clothing store with multiple locations in Los Angeles ( Little Tokyo, Hollywood, and Los Feliz )

They work with local artists and designers, they also do custom orders!


Here’s a look at their summer lineup:


Animeism had a chance to stop by their Little Tokyo location and run wild; I happened to score a red/white pill earring (Her name is Dr. Mario) and a nice little key cover!

Ladies & Gents: I give you Dr. MarioYouTube Preview Image


Soul Calibur II celebrates it’s 10 year anniversary with an HD upgrade

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Soul Calibur 2 is back, in HD, and online!

Namco has announced Soul Calibur II HD online for Xbox live and The PlayStation Network to be released this fall.


YouTube Preview Image


Sadly it looks like Link and Spawn will not make it to the seventh generation consoles for Soul Calibur II.



Pokemon Trailer Reveals Mewtwo in New Form

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A recent trailer for the upcoming Pokemon movie entitled “Pokémon the Movie: ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo’s Awakening” shows off Mewtwo in his newest form! Lookin pretty slick if I do say so myself..

YouTube Preview Image
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