Alexander’s Top-10 Anime Friday Night Countdown

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Hey it’s Friday night, and you guys know what that means!

Oh you don’t know?

WELL NOW YOU KNOW. It’s the weekly Alexander’s Top-10 Anime Friday Night Countdown! Counting down the Top 10 currently running anime as of that moment in time. So without further ado..

Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East(10) Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East – I am 18 episodes into this show and I literally have no idea what the plot is or what is going on. Who is the bad guy? It has some cool characters, and I’m still holding out for an interesting ending, but what the hell is going on? This is on the list only out of my stubbornness, as I have been defending the show for 18 episodes now.
Mushibugyo(9) Mushibugyo – Mushibugyo has a lot of potential, but also leaves a lot of money on the table on a consistent basis. The main character, Tsukishima Jinbei, has had zero emotional development and none of the bad guys have really put up much of a fight. It seems like a decent fight is on the way starting with the next episode though, and it still has the potential to end well. It stays on the list! ..For now..
Senyu(8) Senyu – Senyu is comedic gold. The episodes are only three and a half minutes long, which is a nice break from the normal 22 minutes, and just about every character is spot on for what they are supposed to be parodying. My only issue with Senyu is that the first five or six episodes were much funnier than the 10 or so that have followed them. Senyu needs to pick it back up, but I have faith in it!
Attack on Titan(7) Attack on Titan – I was pretty mad at Attack on Titan for a few weeks. Every episode seemed the same and I hate the bland color palette that the series uses. The last few episodes have been unpredictable and entertaining, however, and they are starting to win me back over. I still hate the show’s color scheme though haha.
Sunday Without God(6) Sunday Without God – Sunday Without God has one of the most unique plots for an anime that I have seen in quite some time. A wonderful combination of imaginative and dark, Sunday Without God follows the story of a young girl, half human and half gravekeeper, living in a world that God has abandoned. Sounds nifty, eh??
Danganronpa: The Animated Series(5) Danganronpa: The Animated Episodes – Danganronpa is a fun combination of Clue, Saw and Winnie the Pooh.. If you don’t believe me go check it out! The show is incredibly creative and well written.. I have yet to correctly pick the murderer in the two cases that have gone down so far. I think that this one would actually translate pretty well to a broader American audience, so show your friends!
WataMote(4) WataMote – No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular! – This isn’t even a guilty pleasure. This is an out in the open, screaming from the mountaintops kind of pleasure. WataMote has the funniest sense of humor and best voice acting by FAR at the moment in my humble opinion. I also have a massive crush on Kuroki, which I have not made a secret of at all either.
Blood Lad(3) Blood Lad – The number one reluctant antihero of the summer season is Staz Charlie Blood – the biggest otaku in all of the Demon World. He’s also an elite vampire and head boss of the entire Eastern district. The humor, art, action, pace and dialogue are all very enjoyable in Blood Lad.. a must watch this summer! Very Underrated!
Hunter x Hunter(2) Hunter x Hunter – I am finally, finally caught up on this show. I was a little late to the Hunter x Hunter party, but now I’m here, slamming Mike’s Hard Lemonades and getting down with the rest of you. I have to admit, this insect evolution arc is not my favorite (Hisoka isn’t even in it!), but it’s still the anime I look forward to watching the second most every week. Second only to…
Naruto Shippuden(1) Naruto Shippuden – I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT. I HAVE SEEN 544 EPISODES OF NARUTO AND I AM FREAKING EMOTIONALLY INVESTED. I was with you guys a few weeks ago when they had trapped me in what seemed like a year of filler, but the last three episodes have been INSANE. The plot is advancing at a pretty rapid rate as of late and the illustrators have been on their absolute A-game.. it almost looks like a movie while you’re watching it. Stop being an anime hipster and admit you love it!

Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 6

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Ro-Kyu-Bu SS is my JAM. This one didn’t really have a whole lot of basketball going on it.. mostly high school dudes spying on naked elementary school girls. I’m kidding, sort of. Check it out!

Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA Episode 5 – There are two options?

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Episode 5 of Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA was released on Crunchyroll earlier today! Rin and Luvia are all sorts of hurt.. Can Illya and Miyu hold off the attacking Saber and protect their friends?

YouTube Preview Image

Gatchaman Crowds Episode 5 – Collaboration

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Gatchaman Crowds is starting to really pick up in episode 5! The aliens are getting more ..aggressive..

Check it out on Crunchyroll!

Senki Zesshō Symphogear Episode 6 – Miracle – That is a Cruel Path

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This show is nuts! I highly recommend that everyone look into episode 6 of Senki Zesshō Symphogear.. the fight scenes keep getting crazier every time i watch this series and I really like the dark art style that the illustrators use.

Love Lab Episode 6 – The Legend of a Horrible Riko

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Episode 6 of Love Lab was released in Japan just a few hours ago! As usual there is a lot of blushing, yelling and crying going on. Some good spying on boys at the mall action as well.. Check it out!

Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen Episode 6 – Tale 6

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Episode 6 of Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen just went up on Crunchyroll 20 minutes ago! Go be one of the first to see it so you can ruin it for your friends!

I’m still not really warming up to these dolls.. They scare me..

YouTube Preview Image

Servant x Service Episode 6 – Examine Unexpected Problems and Hide-and-seek

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A new, hilarious episode of Servant x Service is now available for stream on Crunchyroll! The stuffed animal rabbit gets a lot more airtime in this one, which is a huuuuge plus if you ask me.

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