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0 comments // in Anime Central Events // April 29, 2012 // Posted by Alexander Smolinski

We have really enjoyed meeting you all this weekend! First and foremost, I apologize to all of the people who I caused to explode into quarters. I’m still not really sure why that happens yet.


- Clearly, the rave. Hopefully tonight’s is as entertaining!
- Every girl dressed like Pikachu. I love all of you, individually, with all of my heart.
- All the people who seemed genuinely happy to get an animeism bag from us. Thank you! We hope you enjoy them!


- Getting turned down for cosplay speed dating. Although I did my own version of speed dating by going around asking cute girls if they knew where I could find the speed dating.
- Every guy dressed like Pikachu. Not that guys cant dress up like pikachu, but you got my hopes up for a second, damn it.
- The guy who pulled the fire alarm. wtf bro.

Again, if you want to be in the anime we are creating, Zodiac, please go fill out a profile on our website! – It’s fast, fun and 100% free! We have tons of characters still in development, both filler and main, and we want your help creating them! Anime for the people, by the people.

If we took your photo earlier it will be on the site shortly! Check back to see them!

We’re going to the rave now – we suggest you do the same. If you see us come say hi!

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