The Mega Evolution of Pokemon X & Y – Is This Mewthree?

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The Pokemon community is buzzing and with good reason! Over the last month or so, we’ve heard many new announcements concerning the new Pokemon X and Pokemon Y releases on Nintendo 3DS. This will be the first exclusive release for the 3DS system, so you’d be right to expect great things from Game Freak.

First of all, the release date of both games is October 19, 2013. International Pokemon Masters (Japan, UK, Australia), don’t worry – you can expect a timely release in October 2013 as well.

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Mega Pokemon Evolutions

The craziest news to hit the streets is about Mega Evolutions. These new Pokemon are all referred to as “Mega” and evolve through a process called “Mega Evolution”. Of course, you accomplish this most likely with the “Mega Stone”. Yes, sounds a little cheesy, but just wait until you see the new forms.

More New Pokemon Announcements

Nintendo is enjoying making us speculate their new additions and more information will come soon. I’ll simply relay the information I’ve learned, so keep checking back for more updates as we approach October. Instead of dropping a huge list, I’m just going to name a few I think are going to be my new favorites. If you want a full list of confirmed additions, visit IGN.

SylveonSylveon – The newest evolution of Eevee
Sylveon is a Fairy-type, a new class of Pokemon to these games. This makes seven possible transformations for Eevee to date – they really kept that ball rolling with all of her different evolutions. She’s (it is a she, right?) still one of my favorites to date.

PangoroPangoro – The Dark/Fighting Panda
Kung Fu Panda anybody? This panda is NOT to be messed with and I look forward to evolving my Pancham into an evil fighting panda pokemon.

GogoatGogoat – A new grass type Pokemon
Not just any goat, though! This is the kind of goat you can “Ride”, as seen in recent trailers.

NoivernNoviern – The sound wave Pokemon
This flying and dragon type just looks awesome. It can have a place on my lineup any day ;) .’

The New Pokemon Type – Fairy

Fairy Type Pokemon

Fairy – The Fairy-type is super effective against Dragons and includes Sylveon, as well as retroactively including Jigglypuff, Gardevoir, and Marill. No longer will Gyrados and Dragonite roam free without a natural predator!

The New Gym Leader – Koruni

Pokemon Gym Leader - KoruniKoruni is a new character being introduced. She will play a integral role in explaining the evolutions and types within the game. She’s also bringing rollerblades back in style.

The New Starter Pokemon – Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie

New Pokemon X & Y

As always, when you first pick up a Pokemon game, you’re distributed your starter pokemon based on the three original types: Grass, Fire, and Water. Enter: Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie.

The New Legendary Pokemon

There are two new ones confirmed and they both have insanely difficult names. The first, Xerneas (pronounced ZURR-NEE-US) is also part of the new Fairy-type. It has the exclusive ability to boost all other Fairies on your team with “Fairy Aura”.

Second, we have Yveltal (pronunced ee-VELL-tawl). It is a Dark/Flying-type with the exclusive ability “Dark Aura”, which boosts the power of all Dark-type moves in battle.

Keep checking back for more information! We’ll be on top of it.

Sources: Serebii, Pokemon Smash, Kotaku, IGN.

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