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It’s geek week over at YouTube, so we will surely be finding a gem for you everyday. The funniest thing I saw yesterday was this – an anime version of Doctor Who put together by The Nerdist. With all the buzz over new doctor Peter Capaldi right now, and the series’ 50th anniversary right around the corner, they couldn’t have hit this at a better time.


Mushibugyo Episode 18 – Time’s Up! The Insect Magistrate’s Office Arrives!

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It’s that time of the week! Mushibugyo Episode 18 is now available at Crunchyroll. Today’s episode is titled, “Time’s up! The Insect Magistrate’s Office Arrives!”. You can catch Mushibugyo every Monday at 3:00a PDT. Here’s a preview video:

Pretty excellent episode this week, but I’ll let the screenshots speak for themselves:

Blood Lad Episode 5 – Unidentified Demon Object

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A new episode of Blood Lad is out, Staz gets a pleasant visit from his long lost bro. Braz makes Staz an offer he can’t refuse…

Head on over to Viz and check it out.

YouTube Preview Image

Attack on Titan Episode 17 – Female Titan – 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls (1)

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Episode 17 of Attack on Titan was pretttty awesome. At one point last season I was very genuinely sick of this show.. It felt repetitive and like it relied on shock value and gruesome footage. The last few episodes, however, have been interesting, original and entertaining. The new female Titan actually has a pretty sexy backside – and I’m not the only one who thinks that.. Reiner agrees! Check it out on Crunchyroll.

YouTube Preview Image

Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist Episode 5 – Mill and Flour

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Released just a few moments ago, Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist Episode 5 – Mill and Flour! Crunchyroll simulcasts this anime every Sunday at 10:05a PDT and it’s well worth the watch! Check out a preview:

Throughout today’s episode, they visit the Headmaster’s mansion and it is “ballinnnnn’!” Check out some screenshots:

Kick Ass in 8-Bit!

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I’m enjoying these 8-Bit mashups of my favorite things, so excuse this next post: Kick Ass by 8 Bit Cinefix.

Super Mario Bros. Crossover pt. 3

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This is the first time I’m hearing about this video series, so forgive me. But how cool is it to see all of these 8-bit and 16-bit characters sharing the most classic side-scrolling level known to gaming?

Really f*cking cool:
YouTube Preview Image

Hunter x Hunter Episode 91 – The Strong x And x The Weak

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Of course, since it’s Saturday at 8:30p PDt, that means the new epic Hunter x Hunter episode just dropped. The Strong x And x The Weak is available on Crunchyroll for premium users immediately!

It’s sure to be a crazy one this week! Gon and Killua will conclude their battles with Knuckle and Shoot, but the Chimera Ant Queen is nearly ready to give birth to the King! Here are some screenshots (So hard not to give spoilers on this one!)


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