Toriko Episode 117 – Toriko’s New Crisis The Creeping Four Beast’s Main Body!!

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In today’s episode of Toriko, we’re in the middle of a huge battle between the Four Beasts and the Four Heavenly Kings. Things are looking desperate for the Four Kings, as they try everything in their arsenal to survive. There’s a discrepancy with the episode numbers over at FUNi, so what you’re looking for is actually Episode 114, not 117.

You can catch Toriko on Wednesday over at FUNimation every week.

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Episode 7 – One Style Final!

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A new episode of Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, everybody’s favorite new swimming anime, just dropped on Crunchyroll moments ago. You can catch the simulcast every Wednesday at 12:15p PDT on Crunchyroll!

There are only 5 days left until the prefectural tournament, and that’s when things start to get real for our characters. True character is shown in your most stressful situations and that holds true in episode 7 as well. Enjoy a good watch!

Saint Seiya Omega Episode 69 – Stir the Storm of Flames! Yuna and Souma’s Friendship!

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There’s a new exciting episode of Saint Seiya Omega available on Crunchyroll! Tons of action, amazing effects and disaster. You can catch Saint Seiya Omega every Wednesday at Noon PDT. Enjoy!

More Villains Confirmed for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

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Turns out, you’ll be able to find Bills, Broly, Buu and Cell amongst the lineup of villains coming your way in the newest installment in the Dragon Ball Z line of games.

YouTube Preview Image


The Japanese release date now appears to be in 2014, after initial hints of winter 2013.   That will probably push word on the North American/European releases.

Let’s be honest. It’s going to be bomb.



Brother’s Conflict Episode 7 – Breaking Point

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The newest episode of Brother’s Conflict, the show where a bunch of brothers all fight for the love of one girl, is out on Funimation! Every Tuesday at Midnight, you can catch the new simulcast. The school’s Culture Fest is coming up and everybody is at it again. Enjoy!

Sunday Without God Episode 6 – Ortus III

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Episode 6 of Sunday Without God is out! Crunchyroll is always on schedule, releasing the simulcast every Tuesday at Noon PDT. Today’s episode is about an interesting dilemma I think many people find themselves in at times. When Ai goes to visit Ulla about the Admissions of the Living Ceremony, she realizes her true identity. Would you tell your friend the truth, even if it meant losing them as a friend? Damn, now that’s good drama!

Gifu Dodo!! Kanetsugu and Keiji Episode 8 – The Wind of the Men of War

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In continuation from last week’s slow episode, we get even more sitting and talking! So, Crunchyroll has released the new episode of Gifu Dodo!! and you can catch the simulcast every Tuesday at 11:00a PDT. I did some complaining about the tendency for this anime to give me a good 10 minute sit-down about, “There is no easy path to greatness,” and while they’re right — is it so much to ask for a good ole’ fashioned shonen fight?

Senyu Episode 21 – The Hero Transforms

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Today’s is a much awaited episode of Senyu for me, because as the title implies – “The Hero Transforms”. After being a punk for basically the entire series, I watched this episode with high hopes of Alba finally doing something of any real value besides get locked up in jail. I may have gotten my hopes up a little too high…

Check out the screenshots:

As usual, you can catch Senyu at 10:00a PDT every Tuesday on Crunchyroll.

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