Stop What You’re Doing – Brainwave Controlled Cat Ears

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Well thank god that this is a thing now. Electronic cat ears that react to your brainwaves are now available in the United States.

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Am I the only one that wants a pair small enough to put on my cat? I want to see if his original ears sync up with his new super ears..

THE NEXT One Piece Film: Z

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AHEM! THE NEXT One Piece Movie titled: ONE PIECE FILM Z (OP movie 12) releases in Japan 12/5/2012. Check out the teaser trailer & illustration below.

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Anime Central 2012 Greatest Moment: Soap Bubble

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One of the greatest moments of Anime Central 2012 was directly in the center of the Soap Bubble Rave at 12:41AM on Sunday, April 29th.  Watch as “Jump Around” by House of Pain literally levels a room full of anime ravers in Rosemont, IL. Great times.  Filmed by Muten of

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Live Art Chalk Mural of Madoka Magica at Anime Central 2012 by Eric Maruscak

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Amazing artist, Eric Maruscak used his exhibitor’s space as a live art display at Anime Central 2012, amazing chalk on floor character art from Madoka Magica.

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Spontaneous Anime Cosplayers Dance Group

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While in the Hyatt Regency O’Hare Lobby at Anime Central 2012 – One might see an Anime Dance Group full of cosplayers perform their choreographed dance routine. This is a few seconds that I was able to catch… and then my prompt plan of creating our own next time.

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Homestock? Homestuck Confusion

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I suppose due to my life’s Space Ghost influence, I think it’s funny to give bad interviews at times.  Thanks for a being a good sports, guys! Anyways, they were dressed up as Homestuck characters, which was what I would call Anime Central 2012′s most popular trend for cosplayers this year.

I had a tough time understanding what these cosplayers were dressing up as, until we finally got it right: Check out Homestuck online.

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Mario 4 Prez 2012 Exhibit Hall Anime Central 2012

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While doing floor coverage with starlightzone in the Exhibit Hall, we had to pleasure of meeting Mario, who was also running a very aggressive campaign with his own entourage (Princess and Toad).  Mario explains that he’s running for president in 2012 and admits to selling out completely for any and everybody’s vote.  We gave Mario one of our exclusive bags and received an awesome Mario4Prez2012 Button that I proudly wore the entire convention. Mario for Prez 2012!!

Check out the video of his campaign:

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One Piece PS3 Title Coming to North America

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Bandai Namco recently confirmed that One Piece: Pirate Warriors, released on the PS3 on March 1 in Japan under the name One Piece: Kaizoku Musou (ワンピース 海賊無双), will be coming to North America and Europe in November 2012. A four-minute gameplay video was posted in mid-February.

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