First Impression – Fall 2013: The Season of the Sports Anime Pt. 1

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It’s week three of the new fall season of anime, and I’ve gotten a chance to skim most of the new titles so far. I noticed something very interesting while I was watching… there were more than 5 new sports anime simulcasting this season. An unprecedented number compared to previous seasons, which one or two would be more commonly expected.

Being a big fan of sports anime, such as Giant Killing and Kuroko’s Basketball, I highly anticipate almost any new anime with a sports theme. I believe the new quality of anime we’re enjoying in conjuction with the realism standard anime has always been best at, really allows for an exciting fusion of surrealistic action and dynamics. This is summarized quite well by Midorima from Kuroko’s Basketball. He reveals in Episode 11, that his shooting range is the entire court and it left the entire cast shell shocked.

So, I just want to brush up on the sports anime that I have previewed this season:

Hajime no Ippo

This anime is actually a classic that was made decades ago. However, they’re releasing a remake that boasts much higher quality and I’d assume better special effects. I have no point of reference, but the opening scene says it all, though:

You will see some asses getting beat! If you’re looking for a history lesson on what makes a successful sports anime – this is probably it. The art style, eventhough revamped, is still a little outdated. However, if you love boxing, there’s a high chance you’ll love Hajime no Ippo.

Ace of the Diamond

I am not much of a baseball enthusiast, but I love the Detroit Tigers. Executed correctly, I think a baseball anime would be really interesting for me. The first episode of Ace of Diamond was drawn well, but really just lacked action. I think it’s crucial to have a first episode that does more than set the tone (we saw this work ridiculously well for Attack on Titan last season). It should be aggressively attempting to hook you. That said, the baseball element is animated well, the voice acting is intriguing and I typically like the characters so far. I will give it another 3 episodes before I pass further judgement, but the first episode did not hook me.

Wanna be the Strongest in the World
Women’s Wrestling

That’s right, you read correctly. Women’s wrestling now has its own flagship anime production. And get this, it’s actually really intriguing! Mind you, there will be moments that you have to turn the volume way down unless you want your roommates or neighbors to think you’re watching asian s&m porno. But if you look beyond the orgasmic submission holds, and crude womanizing outfits, you’ll find a very well written and inspiring anime that aims to inspire the weak to become strong. The main character is actually a famous entertainer who finds herself defending her own and all idol’s honor by becoming a professional wrestler. Guilty pleasure? You bet:

Up next, I’ll be covering basketball and cycling. Do virtual reality games or singing & dancing count? I don’t know…