One Piece Official Launches New Website

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As a web designer, I find myself analyzing nearly every website that I visit.  One of the anime websites I visit weekly is One Piece Official. Every Saturday around 7:30 pm PST, a new episode of One Piece is released with English subtitles.  While I’m not particularly excited about the advertisements I’m subjected to, I have always appreciated the availability of episodes in their video gallery.

This past week, One Piece Official launched a brand new website.  At first glimpse, I’m a little underwhelmed. After looking a little deeper, I’d have to agree with all of their decisions for the redesign…

One Piece Official Old Website Screenshot


One Piece Official New Website Screenshot


Graphically, they definitely toned things down a bit. I can appreciate this decision based purely on bandwidth issues that I’m sure the previous design encountered, but you can’t ignore the fact that they’ve lost a substantial amount of theme as well. Analyzing a bit further, they created a new focus on social media and pleasing the typical uninformed viewer a lot better. This will surely spike some traffic for them in the meanwhile. In the long term, however, content is king and they are pretty slow on becoming a respected authority website as far as One Piece goes. Currently, I can depend on Wikia and Wikipedia to provide waaaay more interesting information about the series. Personally, I believe the creators and distributors of any piece of media should always be the leading authority and content provider.

In conclusion, I’d have to say that they created a more effective homepage, created a new awareness campaign for the already dominant anime series, but neglected to remain focused on what matters most: content. I’d have been a lot more impressed if they just focused on posting the 100 missing subtitled episodes to their video gallery and some more in-depth character profiles and Universe explanation – but that’s just me.

How do you feel about the new redesign?

Anime Central 2012 Saturday Floor Coverage pt. 2

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Strike a Pose: Spiderman Style at Anime Central 2012

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In the lobby of the Hyatt Regency O’Hare, Kuronosenkou and Muten of strike a Spiderman pose with the coolest Spiderman cosplayer at Anime Central 2012:

Video Prank: Vega Isn’t So Pleased

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YouTube Preview Image

Vega (Street Fighter) Cosplayer isn’t so thrilled to find out that we were taking a video instead of a photo.  If I had my Akuma costume on, it would’ve gone down! Video taken by Muten of in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency O’Hare at Anime Central 2012.

Akuma(Muten) Ryu Ken Group Cosplay SantaMonicaBlvd WestHollywood Halloween 2011

God of War Has Terrible Balance

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Not what one would expect from a God of war, but while outside of the Hyatt Regency O’Hare this weekend with the rest of the team, I stopped for a moment to take a couple funny videos of a God of War Cosplayer in an action pose.  A really excellent costume, but pretty terrible balance if you ask me.

I guess it’s even funnier when you don’t tell them you’re taking a video, lol!

God of War Action Cosplay Video Anime Central 2012

Anime Central 2012 Sunday Floor Coverage

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Hey everybody, Muten here.

The team has thrown together quite the guerilla marketing campaign to go along with our Anime Central 2012 Floor Coverage.  If you saw us around the convention, you probably noticed us graciously giving away our promo materials.

The spread consisted of: Exclusive Drawstring bags, Animeism Business Cards, Stickers, Ask me to be in my Anime t-shirts, Zodiac Anime Stickers, Zodiac Business Cards, Zodiac themed Fortune Cookies, and Dr. Bowscottnik’s “Sonic the Djenthog 1″ cover album. Check it out!




Anime Central 2012 Saturday Floor Coverage pt. 1

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