Ukrainian Girl Transforms Herself into a Real Anime Character

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Today, I stumbled across an article on Oddity Central covering a 19 year old Ukrainian hairdresser by the name of Anastasiya Shpagina, aka Fukkacumi;  which is her self-appointed anime name.  There have been several stories of women across the world involving themselves in this trend.  There have been many critics, but I think cosplaying (even in the extremes) is an awesome tribute to something which has clearly affected many of us in different ways…  OK, fine – it’s a little weird.

You decide for yourself: Is this going too far?
(Videos are in Ukrainian)

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Fukkacumi would like to invite you to add her as a friend on Facebook, if you wanted to do that for some reason.

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Naruto Double Header Episode 286 & 287

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We just got word from our friends over at that the Naruto Shippuden release for this week is a special double-header episode for 286 and 287.  Personally, I hope it’s not filler!  You can also catch the show on and a range of Torrent websites.

~sIgNiNg OfF

Sonic Adventure 2 Now Available on Xbox Live & Playstation Network

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Sonic Adventure 2 originally for the Sega Dreamcast is now available for digital download on both Xbox Live and Playstation Network. This game is super underrated in my opinion, totally worth the download!

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SEGA x Sanrio Collab – Hello Sonic Kitty

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Sanrio, the creators of Hello Kitty, and SEGA, the creators of the fastest hedgehog alive, have decided to collaborate on an exciting series of new limited edition characters.  This partnership was made to complement SEGA’s much awaited grand reopening of the SEGA Tokyo Joyopolis on July 14, 2012.

SEGA stated this collaboration will be going worldwide next summer.

Sega x Sanrio Sonic Hello Kitty Super Jumbo Plush

Going Worldwide Summer 2013


One Piece Official Launches New Website

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As a web designer, I find myself analyzing nearly every website that I visit.  One of the anime websites I visit weekly is One Piece Official. Every Saturday around 7:30 pm PST, a new episode of One Piece is released with English subtitles.  While I’m not particularly excited about the advertisements I’m subjected to, I have always appreciated the availability of episodes in their video gallery.

This past week, One Piece Official launched a brand new website.  At first glimpse, I’m a little underwhelmed. After looking a little deeper, I’d have to agree with all of their decisions for the redesign…

One Piece Official Old Website Screenshot


One Piece Official New Website Screenshot


Graphically, they definitely toned things down a bit. I can appreciate this decision based purely on bandwidth issues that I’m sure the previous design encountered, but you can’t ignore the fact that they’ve lost a substantial amount of theme as well. Analyzing a bit further, they created a new focus on social media and pleasing the typical uninformed viewer a lot better. This will surely spike some traffic for them in the meanwhile. In the long term, however, content is king and they are pretty slow on becoming a respected authority website as far as One Piece goes. Currently, I can depend on Wikia and Wikipedia to provide waaaay more interesting information about the series. Personally, I believe the creators and distributors of any piece of media should always be the leading authority and content provider.

In conclusion, I’d have to say that they created a more effective homepage, created a new awareness campaign for the already dominant anime series, but neglected to remain focused on what matters most: content. I’d have been a lot more impressed if they just focused on posting the 100 missing subtitled episodes to their video gallery and some more in-depth character profiles and Universe explanation – but that’s just me.

How do you feel about the new redesign?

One Piece 101 – Monkey D. Luffy

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FUNimation has posted another awesome dubbed sizzle reel for the Straw Hat Crew’s leader, Monkey D. Luffy.  This video, which runs 2:40 long, is the perfect plot setup for such an epic anime series.  It quickly breaks down the motivations, backstory and ambitions of “Mugiwara no Luffy” without any spoilers to the main storyline.

This being my first time actually listening the English dub voices from FUNi, I have to say  Colleen Clinkenbeard did a fantastic job capturing the Luffy’s essence within her performance.

More Straw Hat 101 coming soon!

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Shirokuma Cafe (Polar Bear’s Cafe) First Look and Trailer

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Spring 2012 brought in an incredible list of new anime.  Many of which, there is only time to read about them when you’re hard at work on your own anime.  However, Shirokuma Cafe (or Polar Bear’s Cafe) is something that has definitely caught my eye. Here’s the plot summary.

“Panda, part of generation cupcake, is prodded by his mother to get a job, but he just wants to eat bamboo. While avoiding his mother’s ire he happens upon a cafe run by Polar Bear, who just so happens to be looking for a part-time employee.”

As seen in the attached trailer, Shirokuma Cafe actually incorporates realistically drawn animals such as polar bears, ant eaters, penguins and many more into a fantasy world where they coexist on the same social level as humans.  The humor in Shirokuma Cafe is largely based around the irony that animals don’t exist in this environment typically and the mishaps that result from such a plot device.  It’s no action anime by any means, but the situational humor could definitely keep me interested. I enjoy a good corny laugh.

That said, I am definitely intrigued by the Shirokuma Cafe world.   Currently, you can view episodes 1-10 on  Of course, if the commercials bother you, consider getting a free trial and going on an anime watching spree!  Memberships at crunchy roll run $6.95 a month.

Be on the lookout for more reviews coming soon, as I plan on throwing a little spare time at this show and figuring out what it’s all about.

One Piece 101 – Roronoa Zoro

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FUNimation just released a cool backstory sizzle reel featuring Straw Hat Crew’s 2nd in command, Roronoa Zoro.  This video, dubbed in English, will inform the uninformed about the motivation and relationships of the 3-sword wielding bounty hunter from the beginning of the show.  There is some relevant backstory from Season 1 explained in the video, but no large plot spoilers. Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image
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