Anime Fest Dallas 2013: More Fun Than a Little Bit

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Anime Fest 2013 hits Dallas this weekend, August 30-September 2!

If you’ve been wondering how the anime community in Dallas gets down, then I suggest beelining straight for the Sheraton Dallas Hotel as early on Friday as humanly possible. Or whenever’s most responsible. Make the logical choice. I can’t set you up for the fall.

Admission is $50 for the weekend, $30 for Friday only, $35 for Saturday or Sunday only, and $25 for Monday only.

Check out some shots from Anime Fest -2012:


Seems like a good way to spend a holiday weekend. Cheers and beers! or Juice boxes…

You can find out more about this years Anime Fest at!



Dragonar Academy to Release Anime in 2014

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Dragonar Academy is set to release an anime based on the light novel and manga already available.

Shiki Mizuchi and Kohada Shimesaba have crafted a story about a young man attending a dragon taming academy – his dragon, as it turns out, hatches into a beautiful young woman.

YouTube Preview Image

If you’re interested in reading the manga in the meantime, check out it out at Manga Here.




Free Guest Pass for 48-Hour Premium Crunchyroll Membership

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O-genki desu ka?

This is a first come, first serve contest for whoever needs a free premium membership to Crunchyroll! We love Crunchyroll and will always have an account there, so we will always have a couple free guest passes! Check out the premium account comparison on Crunchyroll.

Looking for the guest pass link? We’re not just going to put it in the news post! Look in the comments below for the code from me, Muten.

Happy anime watching!

More Villains Confirmed for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

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Turns out, you’ll be able to find Bills, Broly, Buu and Cell amongst the lineup of villains coming your way in the newest installment in the Dragon Ball Z line of games.

YouTube Preview Image


The Japanese release date now appears to be in 2014, after initial hints of winter 2013.   That will probably push word on the North American/European releases.

Let’s be honest. It’s going to be bomb.



Aniplex Releases Trailer For Next Chapter in Monogatari Series Second Season

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Now that the Tsubasa Tiger Chapter has concluded, The folks behind Monogatari Series Second Season have released a trailer showing off the next segment in the show.

YouTube Preview Image

The second chapter, entitled “Mayoi Jiangshi” begins with episode 7 of the series, set to air in Japan on August 17th.

The first six episodes of this show have been rather thrilling and artistic.. Can’t wait to see what Monogatari has planned next!

Get hype.


Another great series coming to an end

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We can all release those tears we’ve been holding in.

Tite Kubo in the most recent issue of Jump announced that Bleach will be ending soon, the 1000 Years Blood War arc will be the final story arc of the series.

On top of that, Bleach is also on Hiatus until Jump 41 in order for Kubo to “Reenergize himself to bring us a masterful endding” , that won’t be until mid September, since Jump is also taking a break this week for Obon.


Otakon 2013: Baltimore Loses Its Mind

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The 20th annual Otakon hits Baltimore once again August 9-11.

Otakon has become the biggest otaku, anime, and japanese pop culture celebration to hit Maryland, and it looks as though this year may blow the doors off of the building.

Check out a the guest list here.

For my money, I’d try to see Maile Flanagan, Kyle Hebert (I’m a sucker for Dragonball, and I make no attempts to hide this), and Chiaki Ishikawa, because well, come on.

Hit the artist’s alley to meet up and comers, check out as many events as you can (Otaku Idol? Come on.) and see some rad concerts, and or raves if that’s your pleasure, that will keep you dancing well into the early morning hours.

You can catch Otakon at the Baltimore Convention Center. Registration info can be found here.

If you’re in Maryland and you didn’t have plans for this weekend, it sounds like you just got some.

Go forth! Enjoy! Try to remember what you did! And check out some of the shots from last year’s Otakon.


Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission [Movie] – Revealed

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Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission is the second film set to release in the series. The film’s official release date is December 27, 2013.


The film will be directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi and produced by Madhouse, which also produces the anime series. Plot points are still in the pipeline,  but officials would have us believe that Isaak Netero will probably be a main driver of the film.

No complaints here.


Stay tuned for more updates.




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