Stan Lee’s Comikaze – Who Needs a Halloween Party?

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Stan Lee decided last year that he wanted to put together a convention celebrating the things he loves most – Comics, art, and assorted things fantasy related. You hear about that, and you go, “Sure, I could see that. Stan Lee is awesome, and who wouldn’t want to go see what sorts of things he’d be able to put together over a three day weekend.”

Then, you remember that Stan Lee knows basically any and everyone that you might want to see in these genres, and because of that, his reach is nearly limitless, and you go, “Oh, wow. No really, this could really turn into something huge…”


And then, you find out that the guys from will be there… I know, we can hardly stand it, either.


It’s going to be one for the books, folks.

Guests include “Weird Al” Yankovic, LaVar Burton, Alyssa Milano, Edward James Olmos… pants. Filling with poop. And then, there’s Elvira, Mistress of the Darkness – Probably one of the coolest features, if you ask me. I know, you didn’t. I’m telling you anyways.


That’s just from last year’s outing. This year, well, you can figure out how things will work.

Tickets are only $25 for a one day pass.


Youmacon 2013 – My Favorite Con!

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Oh, to be in the fair city of Detroit this weekend, to experience the silliness that is Youmacon 2013.

The weather is cold. The cosplay is adventurous. The dancing is stupendous. And the lineup of panelist this year is worth every penny.

-Sarah Natochenny – the voice of Ash Ketchum (She at one point, did have them all.)

-Michele Knotz – Voice of nearly every other character in Pokemon.

-Tom Wayland

-David Eddings

-Chuck Huber

-Caitlin Glass & more.


I’m going to level with you folks. I am modestly (read: incredibly) biased toward this con, as it is in my hometown. Ain’t no party like a Detroit party, because a Detroit party will probably give you pneumonia if you don’t properly layer.

As it is, though, I highly recommend it, if you’re someone who likes to shake your booty in the Renaissance Center. If it’s not too late, I recommend getting a room in the either the Renaissance Marriott or the Courtyard Detroit Downtown. Admittedly, super late, but the views of the city are worth every last minute dollar you spend. Plus, they serve as home base for the Con. Do it.

Check out some pics from last year’s con, and tell me you aren’t looking forward to seeing what pops up from this years’s attendees.


Youmacon – Where dreams do get awkwardly realized to heavy, heavy dubstep and house beats. Enjoy!


Dragon Con 2013 – Friday Photos

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Hey guys, Wax here on site in Atlanta for Dragon*Con 2013. This con has been absolutely INSANE for cosplay, with some of the best I’ve seen in my 10+ years of con going. Our friends over at Caroline Cosplays have been on the floor with us every day taking photos and talking to everyone about what they are excited about. Lots of hype for Attack on Titan and the Final Fantasy X HD remasters is buzzing around. I’m going to go jump back on the floor, but I’ll be back with more galleries from Caroline Cosplays when we get back from the con floor. Here are a few samples from her full Day 1 Dragon*Con 2013 Gallery.

Anime Fest Dallas 2013: More Fun Than a Little Bit

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Anime Fest 2013 hits Dallas this weekend, August 30-September 2!

If you’ve been wondering how the anime community in Dallas gets down, then I suggest beelining straight for the Sheraton Dallas Hotel as early on Friday as humanly possible. Or whenever’s most responsible. Make the logical choice. I can’t set you up for the fall.

Admission is $50 for the weekend, $30 for Friday only, $35 for Saturday or Sunday only, and $25 for Monday only.

Check out some shots from Anime Fest -2012:


Seems like a good way to spend a holiday weekend. Cheers and beers! or Juice boxes…

You can find out more about this years Anime Fest at!



Day 1 of Nisei week Animeism coverage

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Otakon 2013: Baltimore Loses Its Mind

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The 20th annual Otakon hits Baltimore once again August 9-11.

Otakon has become the biggest otaku, anime, and japanese pop culture celebration to hit Maryland, and it looks as though this year may blow the doors off of the building.

Check out a the guest list here.

For my money, I’d try to see Maile Flanagan, Kyle Hebert (I’m a sucker for Dragonball, and I make no attempts to hide this), and Chiaki Ishikawa, because well, come on.

Hit the artist’s alley to meet up and comers, check out as many events as you can (Otaku Idol? Come on.) and see some rad concerts, and or raves if that’s your pleasure, that will keep you dancing well into the early morning hours.

You can catch Otakon at the Baltimore Convention Center. Registration info can be found here.

If you’re in Maryland and you didn’t have plans for this weekend, it sounds like you just got some.

Go forth! Enjoy! Try to remember what you did! And check out some of the shots from last year’s Otakon.


Anime Central 2012 Saturday Floor Coverage pt. 2

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Anime Central 2012 Greatest Moment: Soap Bubble

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One of the greatest moments of Anime Central 2012 was directly in the center of the Soap Bubble Rave at 12:41AM on Sunday, April 29th.  Watch as “Jump Around” by House of Pain literally levels a room full of anime ravers in Rosemont, IL. Great times.  Filmed by Muten of

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