Can Hollywood Do One Piece Justice?

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Eiichiro Oda is a legend for all anime fans. He created one of the longest running, most successful, boundary breaking anime to ever be released: One Piece.

A concern most anime fans have is in regards to staying true to the original material, so when Hollywood and Oda started discussing a live action adaptation, a wise Oda remained focused on the dedicated readers/viewers of the series thus far.

With countless adaptation fails (slightly subjective, I know) under Hollywood’s belt, we’d all be right for being concerned about the integrity of the show remaining unscathed. As an anime writer myself, I am constantly bombarded by my own challenges of synergy across mediums, so I understand this angle intimately.

A couple of the harder to accept failures for anime for me: Dragonball Evolution (2009), Attack on Titan (2015), Death Note (2017), Ghost in the Shell (2017).

Poor marketing, changing source material, casting, direction, white-washing ethnic material… So many bad business decisions that have kept anime down until now. But anime is a medium that consistently grows despite these shortcomings. Maybe it’s nearly over.

I’m just posing the question for all of us to think about: is Hollywood prepared to finally do anime justice? Or are we just in store for another disappointment.

I’d like to stay optimistic here and say as we enter the 4th anime boom, I believe Hollywood (& Japan) will come to see it’s ability and importance to impact the global market. I’d really like for One Piece to survive the adaptation blackhole that is Hollywood. But if they don’t make it – you can believe Type Zero will.



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