Dragon Con 2013 – Friday Photos

0 comments // in Events // September 1, 2013 // Posted by Wax

Hey guys, Wax here on site in Atlanta for Dragon*Con 2013. This con has been absolutely INSANE for cosplay, with some of the best I’ve seen in my 10+ years of con going. Our friends over at Caroline Cosplays have been on the floor with us every day taking photos and talking to everyone about what they are excited about. Lots of hype for Attack on Titan and the Final Fantasy X HD remasters is buzzing around. I’m going to go jump back on the floor, but I’ll be back with more galleries from Caroline Cosplays when we get back from the con floor. Here are a few samples from her full Day 1 Dragon*Con 2013 Gallery.

Anime Doctor Who

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It’s geek week over at YouTube, so we will surely be finding a gem for you everyday. The funniest thing I saw yesterday was this – an anime version of Doctor Who put together by The Nerdist. With all the buzz over new doctor Peter Capaldi right now, and the series’ 50th anniversary right around the corner, they couldn’t have hit this at a better time.