Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan – Flash Anime

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I, for one, have got to be one of the most excited to post this news. Shonen Jump has adapted one of their most popular gag manga by Shuichi Aso into a Flash animation, Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan.

It looks great for a flash animation. It’s still a little rough around the edges… for example, the conversation isn’t lip-synced. But that’s obviously just art budget; my hat still goes off to Shonen Jump for pushing progress and inspiring indie animators!

Unfortunately, it is not subtitled – but if you’re interested in the workflow of anime creation like we are, there’s still a lot you can learn from this adaptation. Check out some screenshots:

Source: Anime News Network

Mushibugyo Episode 18 – Time’s Up! The Insect Magistrate’s Office Arrives!

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It’s that time of the week! Mushibugyo Episode 18 is now available at Crunchyroll. Today’s episode is titled, “Time’s up! The Insect Magistrate’s Office Arrives!”. You can catch Mushibugyo every Monday at 3:00a PDT. Here’s a preview video:

Pretty excellent episode this week, but I’ll let the screenshots speak for themselves:

Fantasista Doll Episode 5 – Work Work Working – Katia’s Beginning?

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Seems like it’s time to get to work now, Katia’s got some type of thing she’s starting, maybe life? Head on over to Crunchyroll for the simulcast!

Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist Episode 5 – Mill and Flour

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Released just a few moments ago, Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist Episode 5 – Mill and Flour! Crunchyroll simulcasts this anime every Sunday at 10:05a PDT and it’s well worth the watch! Check out a preview:

Throughout today’s episode, they visit the Headmaster’s mansion and it is “ballinnnnn’!” Check out some screenshots:

The Eccentric Family Episode 5 – The Friday Fellows

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It’s the weekend, so what better time to pour up a glass of your favorite “drank” and get drunk while your favorite anime characters do the same! In Episode 5 of The Eccentric Family, “The Friday Fellows”, you will see many drinks consumed. Maybe this is the way to avoid becoming an alcoholic; just watch it in anime instead.

Remember, you can catch The Eccentric Family every Sunday at 8:00a PDT.

Drink it in:

Teekyu 2 Episode 17 – Mars Attacks with Senpai

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Crunchyroll is still on point! Releasing yet another on-time release of Teekyu 2 is now available. This show is a short one, in case you didn’t know – so make your way on over to Crunchyroll and check it out! You can catch it every Sunday morning at 7:30.

Note: this might be the fastest speaking anime I’ve ever watched. You know at the end of commercials when they speed up all the small print? Well this entire episode is like that. And I admittedly cannot read that damn fast, let alone take solid screens of it lol.

Enjoy, anyways!

Kick Ass in 8-Bit!

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I’m enjoying these 8-Bit mashups of my favorite things, so excuse this next post: Kick Ass by 8 Bit Cinefix.

Super Mario Bros. Crossover pt. 3

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This is the first time I’m hearing about this video series, so forgive me. But how cool is it to see all of these 8-bit and 16-bit characters sharing the most classic side-scrolling level known to gaming?

Really f*cking cool:
YouTube Preview Image

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