Can Hollywood Do One Piece Justice?

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Eiichiro Oda is a legend for all anime fans. He created one of the longest running, most successful, boundary breaking anime to ever be released: One Piece.

A concern most anime fans have is in regards to staying true to the original material, so when Hollywood and Oda started discussing a live action adaptation, a wise Oda remained focused on the dedicated readers/viewers of the series thus far.

With countless adaptation fails (slightly subjective, I know) under Hollywood’s belt, we’d all be right for being concerned about the integrity of the show remaining unscathed. As an anime writer myself, I am constantly bombarded by my own challenges of synergy across mediums, so I understand this angle intimately.

A couple of the harder to accept failures for anime for me: Dragonball Evolution (2009), Attack on Titan (2015), Death Note (2017), Ghost in the Shell (2017).

Poor marketing, changing source material, casting, direction, white-washing ethnic material… So many bad business decisions that have kept anime down until now. But anime is a medium that consistently grows despite these shortcomings. Maybe it’s nearly over.

I’m just posing the question for all of us to think about: is Hollywood prepared to finally do anime justice? Or are we just in store for another disappointment.

I’d like to stay optimistic here and say as we enter the 4th anime boom, I believe Hollywood (& Japan) will come to see it’s ability and importance to impact the global market. I’d really like for One Piece to survive the adaptation blackhole that is Hollywood. But if they don’t make it – you can believe Type Zero will.



Finally! Ghost in the Shell Live Action Film Trailer

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First of all, it’s always a huge win for anime when there’s a Hollywood live-action adaptation. Second, Scarlett Johannson is an incredible woman lead in action and sci-fi films. Third, Ghost in the Shell is one of the most revered anime of all time. Conclusion? Watch the trailer.

YouTube Preview Image


Anime Taught Me What Little League Baseball Didn’t: Balk

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Being an athlete, I find sports anime to be especially interesting because they sensationalize all of the right elements and still manage to stay rooted in the actual sport. Anything from Kuroko’s Basketball to Yowamushi Pedal, you’re sure to find a very respectable representation of the sport itself with the “razzle dazzle” of anime storytelling and action. But that’s not the only thing sports anime offers…

While watching episode 23 of Ace of the Diamond, I was taught something about baseball that I’d never even learned during my four years of little league baseball: the balk rule.

What is a balk in baseball?

In ”School Academic Level”, Sawamura struggles to stay focused with runners on base and falls victim to the other team’s mind games. This forces him to commit a balk. This also began my Google search to learn more about this “balk” that I’d never heard of.  I found that many other anime fans also went down the same path.

To me, this is just why anime is awesome. The realism combined with fantasy is a combo that is unmatched by all other forms of storytelling.  And this is just one little reason why.

Watch more anime.

First Impression – Fall 2013: The Season of the Sports Anime Pt. 1

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It’s week three of the new fall season of anime, and I’ve gotten a chance to skim most of the new titles so far. I noticed something very interesting while I was watching… there were more than 5 new sports anime simulcasting this season. An unprecedented number compared to previous seasons, which one or two would be more commonly expected.

Being a big fan of sports anime, such as Giant Killing and Kuroko’s Basketball, I highly anticipate almost any new anime with a sports theme. I believe the new quality of anime we’re enjoying in conjuction with the realism standard anime has always been best at, really allows for an exciting fusion of surrealistic action and dynamics. This is summarized quite well by Midorima from Kuroko’s Basketball. He reveals in Episode 11, that his shooting range is the entire court and it left the entire cast shell shocked.

So, I just want to brush up on the sports anime that I have previewed this season:

Hajime no Ippo

This anime is actually a classic that was made decades ago. However, they’re releasing a remake that boasts much higher quality and I’d assume better special effects. I have no point of reference, but the opening scene says it all, though:

You will see some asses getting beat! If you’re looking for a history lesson on what makes a successful sports anime – this is probably it. The art style, eventhough revamped, is still a little outdated. However, if you love boxing, there’s a high chance you’ll love Hajime no Ippo.

Ace of the Diamond

I am not much of a baseball enthusiast, but I love the Detroit Tigers. Executed correctly, I think a baseball anime would be really interesting for me. The first episode of Ace of Diamond was drawn well, but really just lacked action. I think it’s crucial to have a first episode that does more than set the tone (we saw this work ridiculously well for Attack on Titan last season). It should be aggressively attempting to hook you. That said, the baseball element is animated well, the voice acting is intriguing and I typically like the characters so far. I will give it another 3 episodes before I pass further judgement, but the first episode did not hook me.

Wanna be the Strongest in the World
Women’s Wrestling

That’s right, you read correctly. Women’s wrestling now has its own flagship anime production. And get this, it’s actually really intriguing! Mind you, there will be moments that you have to turn the volume way down unless you want your roommates or neighbors to think you’re watching asian s&m porno. But if you look beyond the orgasmic submission holds, and crude womanizing outfits, you’ll find a very well written and inspiring anime that aims to inspire the weak to become strong. The main character is actually a famous entertainer who finds herself defending her own and all idol’s honor by becoming a professional wrestler. Guilty pleasure? You bet:

Up next, I’ll be covering basketball and cycling. Do virtual reality games or singing & dancing count? I don’t know…

Japan World Cup 3 – Acid Trip Horse Racing?

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Came across this Japanese horse racing game that I simply could not avoid putting online. Funny guys, Hightower and AxialMatt, take a look at a 100% accurate recreation of horse racing in Japan.

This has anime humor written all over it:

YouTube Preview Image

Attack on Titan Episode 20 – Erwin Smith 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls (4)

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New episode of Shingeki just attacked Crunchyroll minutes ago! You can catch new simulcasts of this year’s anime blockbuster, Attack on Titan, every Saturday at 4:00p PDT.

In today’s episode, they’ve caught the intelligent female titan, but what will they do with it? And why does Captain Levi respect Erwin Smith so much?

Earlier today, we posted more information regarding Attack on Titan’s new video game to be released in Japan this year as well.

Check out screenshots from today’s episode:

New Attack on Titan Game Coming to Nintendo 3DS This Year!

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As you may or may not know, I’m a sucker for a good promotional website. And there’s no exception for Attack on Titan’s newly announced installment for Nintendo 3DS. There’s not much information confirmed yet, and as we covered earlier in the month – there are a lot of games in the development pipeline for AoT – major and indie.

Attack on Titan Nintendo 3DS

Genshiken Second Season Episode 8 – There’s a Route, but There’s No Loop!

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Episode 8 is out on Crunchyroll. Yoshitake is pretty upset with himself, since Ogiue and Hato are so talented. You can catch Genshiken every Saturday at 11:30am PDT.

Check out the screenshots:

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