New pokemon anime launching in October

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Pokemon’s official twitter account just released two cast members for their Pokemon: The Origin special. Naruto voice actor Junko Takeuchi (Naruto) will be playing the main character, Red.

Katauji Mori will be playing Professor Oak

Pokemon: The Origin trailer

Majestic Prince Episode 20 – Genes of Destiny

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There are some huge reveals in this episode. If you’ve been following the series, you’re in for a treat – including a few yaoi hints involving a couple pilots… I wonder who?

Check out the simulcast on Crunchyroll

Sony or Microsoft

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The PS4 will be released on the 15th of November. After announcing price cuts for the PS3 and PlayStation Vita, Sony announced the PS4′s release date. Although the X Box One has no release date the system is expected after the release of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag on Nov. 19.

Day 1 of Nisei week Animeism coverage

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Another great series coming to an end

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We can all release those tears we’ve been holding in.

Tite Kubo in the most recent issue of Jump announced that Bleach will be ending soon, the 1000 Years Blood War arc will be the final story arc of the series.

On top of that, Bleach is also on Hiatus until Jump 41 in order for Kubo to “Reenergize himself to bring us a masterful endding” , that won’t be until mid September, since Jump is also taking a break this week for Obon.


Recorder and Randsell Mi Episode 5 – Atsushi and the White-Spotted Longhorn Beetle

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I haven’t watched this series yet, so I did some intel. It’s a slice of life, which isn’t my bag but it’s mildly funny and the episodes are only 3 minutes long.

In this episode Miss Kawauchi is pondering the moral implications of student teacher relations when DISASTER STRIKES!!

Watch the simulcast on Crunchyroll.

Majestic Prince Episode 18 – Defensive Battle at Cosmopolitan Academy (Second Part)

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Suruga’s cannon missed it’s mark and now he has to wait for it to recharge. I’m sure it’ll be a tough battle while he nurses his depleted spirit bomb…

Get Majestic with this Crunchyroll simulcast.

YouTube Preview Image

Saint Seiya Omega Episode 67 – Subaru’s Terrifying Cosmo! Eden’s Task!

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Saint Seiya Omega Episode 67 has made its way onto Crunchyroll! Europa vs. Koga! FIGHT.

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