The Plot:
One thousand years ago, an evil being known as Satan Rchimedes was sealed away by a great king after invading the human realm with his demon minions. The king that ended his reign of terror was hailed as a great hero of his time and still lives on through stories and folklore. Flash forward to the present, a new hole to the demon world has opened up, new demons are wrecking havoc on the Earth, and a new king is looking to cement his legend. Can the enlisted descendants of the great hero of the past defeat the Demon King?
Animeism Says:
Alexander – 5-Star Dragon Ball – This show is very, very funny. The episodes are about three and a half minutes long and are essentially a parody of every action anime ever created. The things they reference and the jokes they make are spot on.. it’s very entertaining and refreshing to watch.
The Trailer:
YouTube Preview Image
Available for free streaming at Crunchyroll.

Written by – Robinson Haruhara
Japanese Publisher – Shueisha
Magazine – Jump Square
Original Run – 2010 – ongoing

Driected by – Yutaka Tamamoto
Written by – Michiko Yokote
Studio – Liden Films & Ordet
Licensed by – Crunchyroll
Japanese TV Netwrok – TV Tokyo, AT-X
Original Run – January 8, 2013 – April 2, 2013
Episodes: 26