Final Fantasy VII: Last Order

Last Order explores situations shown and referenced within Final Fantasy VII and other Compilation titles. The world of Final Fantasy VII, referred to as “the Planet”, is dependent for its survival on a flow of spirit energy called the Lifestream. The megacorporation Shinra Electric Power Company eventually rises to power and begins extracting the Lifestream through Mako reactors, killing the Planet. Shinra uses the Mako as an energy source and to manipulate the strength and abilities of their paramilitary organization, SOLDIER. Sephiroth, considered the strongest member of SOLDIER, is sent to investigate a Mako reactor in the secluded town of Nibelheim and is accompanied by the SOLDIER Zack and two grunts, one of whom is Cloud. While there, Sephiroth spends most of his time reading in the Shinra Mansion, which had previously been used by the Shinra scientist Hojo to conduct his experiments. Through Hojo’s log books, Sephiroth comes to learn of his past, in which he was injected with Jenova’s cells. The Planet had once been inhabited by the Cetra (or “Ancients”), who were almost completely destroyed by Jenova, an extraterrestrial lifeform that crashed onto the Planet and began infecting the Cetra with a virus. When Jenova was unearthed by a Shinra science team, it was mistakenly identified as a Cetra. This caused Sephiroth to believe he was also a Cetra, and that humans had betrayed him.

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