Final Fantasy: Unlimited

The original Final Fantasy: Unlimited follows the story of Ai and Yu Hayakawa, two twelve year-old twins who travel into Wonderland, a mysterious parallel dimension, in search of their missing parents. Along the way they meet Lisa Pacifist, a member of the C2 Organization, Kaze, a being of incredible power, and a variety of other characters.
The series is divided into two major sections, defined by the main method of transport the protagonists are utilizing. The first half of the series see the group using the Ghost Train to reach a new world with each episode. In each of the episodes they would emerge to view a new world, confront the inherent dangers of the world, and stave off the latest assault by either the Gaudium Lords, or Omega.
Meanwhile, the story from the antagonist’s view is periodically revealed with Earl Tyrant’s discussion with his lords. Earl is the embodiment of Chaos, and is seeking the children as they were spawned of Chaos also, and the pieces of a powerful creature known as Omega. Omega is the ultimate destructive force, with its power only rivaled by that of the Unlimited(plural); immortal beings of immense power. If he is able to collect these and adsorb them into his body, he will be able to rule Wonderland unchallenged.
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