Anime Taught Me What Little League Baseball Didn’t: Balk

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Being an athlete, I find sports anime to be especially interesting because they sensationalize all of the right elements and still manage to stay rooted in the actual sport. Anything from Kuroko’s Basketball to Yowamushi Pedal, you’re sure to find a very respectable representation of the sport itself with the “razzle dazzle” of anime storytelling and action. But that’s not the only thing sports anime offers…

While watching episode 23 of Ace of the Diamond, I was taught something about baseball that I’d never even learned during my four years of little league baseball: the balk rule.

What is a balk in baseball?

In ”School Academic Level”, Sawamura struggles to stay focused with runners on base and falls victim to the other team’s mind games. This forces him to commit a balk. This also began my Google search to learn more about this “balk” that I’d never heard of.  I found that many other anime fans also went down the same path.

To me, this is just why anime is awesome. The realism combined with fantasy is a combo that is unmatched by all other forms of storytelling.  And this is just one little reason why.

Watch more anime.

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